SITUATION – You have served your country and made everyone proud and now it is time for you to look at your career. What is the first thing that you think you should do?

The transition that happens from boots to suits has to be smooth and effortless. Every person’s dream is to land a job he/she likes and the key parameter that has to be ticked off from the to-do list is RESUME. It could be difficult for you to explain to your potential employers about the importance of your role in the military. You could be lost for words when you justify and describe what you did for the country. Your experience, talents and accomplishments could certainly be lost in translation. This is where a good translator who has great military translation experience comes into play. He can translate your resume the route you need it and can give you a fully translated resume that can ultimately land you on your dream job.

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But let us tell you that finding a job as a civilian is not all that easy. When you are in need of finances and when you have to kick start your career, your resume can speak for you. Fortunately, you have enough and more life experiences when it comes to defense. So, leaving the resume translation to a professional resume translation company can help you fetch a great deal through a hassle-free service.With an extra bit of work and assistance from the translation company, here are a few things you can expect from resume translation services:

1. Avoidance of heavy military jargon:

When a professional translate your resume, he can easily connect with the kind of jargon that is used in the military. But this will not help if you are going to present it to your employer. Hence, a translator is well-aware that he should avoid heavy military terminology or slang while translating from one language to another. Since they are experienced in the field of both translation and the industry, they are provided with instructions on the words that can and cannot be used while translating resumes. 

2. Applying to more than one company:

Applying for one company is not going to take you anywhere. When you apply for multiple companies or even states, your chances of landing a great job is higher. Translating your resume in different languages can give a localized feel and that will help your employer understand what is exactly being conveyed in the language that they are comfortable with. For example, if you are applying for a French company, knowing the language alone can be good. But translating and showing them your achievements in French could add as a great personal touch too. A good translator can help with resume translation English to French language and give you an edge over other candidates.

3. Assurance on quality: 

Whether you apply for a small job or a bigger one, not having any kind of mistakes is kind of a basic requirement. Hence, it is important to hand it over to the experts. Professional resume translation done by skilled translators will not have any grammatical errors and are proofread at least 2 times before they deliver it to you. You can expect 100% quality resume translations. 

4. From Tank to Cubicle – Accuracy:

The transition is slow but definitely worth it when you do it in the right way. You can be guaranteed with 98% accuracy when you translate your resume. Military certificates can be confusing and a little hard to follow. Other than the veterans, there won’t be many civilians who could be able to translate and comprehend the kind of documents that are being submitted. Hence, handing it over to a good, professional translation agency can be very beneficial for you as you are promised 98% accuracy.

We at Academic Translation Services are certainly very proud and take this as a great opportunity to help and assist veterans.

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