The modern era is certainly the most globalized. In a scenario where the job market is getting international, it is important for someone having a non-English CV to get it translated into English, specifically if the intention is to get a job in an English-speaking nation. However, translating a CV into English for a non-English speaker might be challenging. It would be better for such people to go for professional CV translation services on such occasions. Although, CV translation is just a matter of few pages, those who are opting for this translation on their own may face certain issues in terms of accuracy. It is best to take help from professional who are proficient in English as well as the respective native language. If the CV/resume has even a single it might cost you a great job opportunity.You must keep in mind the following tips while choosing the right resume translation service provider so that your CV will be accurate and free of errors.

Key Tips for Translating Your CV/Resume into English

Do not opt for free online translation tools

It is highly recommended that you should not use free online translation tools such as Google Translate to translate your CV.  These tools, although are free of cost, are not accurate. They are done by bots and bots cannot translate complicated words. Also, they do not understand the context and tone of the sentences unlike the humans. Therefore, always go for human translation services so that there wont be any damaging errors in your CV that can cost you a good job.

Cross check the translation

Once the translator translates your CV, don’t use it at once as you may not be aware of the flaws it might contain. Ensure that you cross check the translation before you start applying for jobs. Get the translated CV proofread before using it.

Combination of native speakers and English language experts

Ensure that your CV is translated by a person who is proficient in English and the native language. In this case, there will be no scope for errors as the translator will be an expert in both the languages. This will ensure 100%  accuracy in the translation as you cannot afford even a minute error.

Take Help of native speakers

There are different words of English used for different terms at different localities. No matter how well someone learns, irrespective of the source, it is impossible to meet the expertise level of someone who speaks in English or a native English speaker. It is thus suggested to take the help of a native English speaker to understand local terms well. This can be a smart idea to impress the recruiters. Apart from these, it is crucial to do proper proofreading as well. Keeping all these aspects in mind, taking the help of professional resume translation services seems a better idea.

Take care of the confidentiality

CV/resume is an important document. You must ensure that your document is in safe hands so that you feel secure about sharing it with the translator. Professional companies ensure that your document is in safe hands.

Take help of professional translation companies

There are many individual freelance translators who are offering to translate your CV/resume. But these freelancers are not certified and hence are not professional. They do not guarantee their translations. Therefore, look for a professional CV/resume translation company that is a known name in the market.


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