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Certified Academic translation services

Specialized academic translation services offered by authorized company are one of the most in demand online services today. Through the years, we have developed a good track record in producing translations with first-class quality and high accuracy at completely affordable rates. Our academic translation rates are starting at $0.10/word.

In addition, we have a vibrant team of experienced translators who can translate all sorts of files as required by clients. They have graduated from prestigious colleges and universities with Master's and Doctorate degrees as one of their qualifications. With our talented translation linguists who have unmatched expertise and skills in the industry, we ensure quick and accurate academic translation results at all times. Our recruitment process for our dynamic workforce is rigid to make sure that we only have the best on our side.

Online Academic Translation With Global Standards

We maintain quality through multiple rounds of checking done by our proficient editors and proofreaders. We also incorporate the industry’s highly accepted practices and standards for our outputs. We provide top-notch quality academic certificate translation services through academic manuscript formatting, styling, and guidelines.

Our company also commits to offer accurate academic translation services with excellence and dedication. We have a high sense of passion for work that enables us to provide certified academic translations perfect for everybody in the academic profession. To inquire more about our certified document translation services online, approach our customer support team anytime. We are also expert in handling urgent orders by delivering academic translations within quick services or on the same day basis.

Being a multilingual translation company, we provide professional academic translations in over 100+ languages around the globe including Arabic, French, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese and many more. Our professionally certified translators are fluent and knowledgeable in their respective languages; therefore we can comply to our clients specific language requirements. Just select from our language selection bar and we will have your project translated in your chosen dialect through our translation office in your area. Aside from language options, we also accept online translations into various academic documents, audio and video file formats such as msv, dds, mov, Mp3, dvd, PDF and more.

Academic Translation For Easy Travel Procedure

Translating your certificates can give you an easy pass into the country of your choice. Let us say that you are moving to the US from China, it is imperative to translate all your educational documents along with your visa and passport in English. This is why academic document translation is provided by various professional companies that are accurate and very reliable. Documents such as transfer documents, your educational qualifications, resume, work experience documents, etc. are translated.

Academic Translation

In the US, a certificate is a basis of education for an individual. It is vital to get your mark sheets, consolidated documents, and other important certificates translated. This is why translation agencies also provide academic certificate translation where you can be guaranteed that native translators work on the files and get it proof-read. Giving it to a translation agency can help you with the notarization and certification process as well. For a minimum fee, you can be assured that your documents are dealt in safe hands and are translated according to your choice in over 100 languages.

Important uses of academic translation

Academic translation is one of the major kinds of translation that is required among students and people wanting to study further. If you are one of them looking to broaden your horizons by moving to another country for education, a professional academic translation agency will help in translating your educational documents.

Multilingual Translation Services

Arabic Translation Services

French Translation Services

German Translation Services

Italian Translation Services

Japanese Translation Services

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Academic Transcript Translation

Authorized academic transcript translations are needed by a wide range of people in various industries. Researchers, students, scholars, other working individuals in the scholastic environment and other institutions use these services for a myriad of purposes. As one of the most trusted academic translation agency, our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We prove this by serving a good number of happy customers worldwide.

Areas Using Academic Translation Services

There are several disciplines that use professional academic translation services for varying educational reasons. Some of the common areas of education, that benefit from hiring accredited academic translation services include:

✓ Engineering
✓ Medicine
✓ Psychology
✓ Law
✓ Arts
✓ Social Sciences
✓ Information Technology
✓ Pharmaceutical Sciences

Translate Academic Documents At Affordable Rates

Flexible and quick delivery schedules, accredited translators, exclusive bulk order savings, cheap prices and safe and secure translation processes - all these have made us one of the leading and most affordable academic transcript translation providers. We translate orders in rush and super rush turnaround time frames. Our company also protects our customer's personal interests and also their official stature through our security protocols and confidential procedures. We utilize SSL encryption software to ensure that all uploaded files are securely encrypted to protect from unauthorized access. Along with this, the academic translators at our various offices across the US are contracted with non-disclosure agreements for confidentiality purposes.

If you have a demand for rush academic translation, we have our 24/7 help desk support for assistance from start to finish.

More Value Adding Academic Translation Services

✓ E-learning translation
✓ Textbook translation
✓ Lecture translation
CV Translation
(Curriculum Vitae)
✓ Certificate translation (Diploma, Degree, etc.)
✓ Class Notes translation
✓ Research Paper translation
✓ Presentation translation
✓ Journal Article translation

We Provide Professional Academic Translation Services in Major Cities

✓ Boston
✓ New York
✓ Chicago
✓ Atlanta
✓ Philadelphia
✓ Washington DC
✓ Seattle
✓ Raleigh
✓ Austin

We Provide Academic Translations in Various Combination of Languages

✓ English to Japanese
✓ English to Chinese
✓ English to Tagalog
✓ English to Vietnamese
✓ English to Russian
✓ English to Italian
✓ English to French Creole
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