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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


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Multi-Purpose French Translation Services

Academic Translation Services is your consummate French translation services that places superior customer experience at the forefront. Document translation services are priced starting from $0.10 per word, vital document translation at $25 per page, and audio translation costs begin at $7.00 per minute. We have been in this industry for so long to understand that we can only succeeded when our customers are happy with services. We have a huge pool of certified French linguists that will work on your project, regardless of the complexity to produce the highest possible quality of translated documents.

AcademicTranslationServices Translation Services is a fully ISO 9001:2015 standard translation expert with massive experience in superior customer service. Get a hold of our team for a customized for any or a multiple of the following translations:

✓ Starting at $0.10/word
✓ Supports all file formats
✓ Fast Turnaround
✓ High Accuracy

Our team is well built with professional translators and well trained in ‘legalese’ and have a thorough understanding of the practice-area terminology. You can count on our team to offer exceptional services in litigation and legal services. Some of the areas that our team has covered in the past include French deposition services, French on-site document identification, French document management, French Court Reporting, French virtual data rooms, French transcription services and French electronic data discovery.

Our team is well conversant with various legal document types such as merger and acquisition agreements, copyright and trademark contracts, leases, patent applications, employment and business documents, wills and trusts and more.


When it comes to financial translations, nobody does it better than us. We have invested in recruiting highly qualified French financial translators as well as project management experts for handling the French translation services. This team is well grounded in French financial markets and thus will confidently handle other related business services ranging from French interpreters for business meetings and presentations, to French regulatory consulting and website localization amongst others.

Trust our team to handle your document with due diligence and care regardless of the type or format. We have sufficient understanding of how to deal with various document formats including 529 Plan Communications, 10-K Filings, 6-K, 8-K, 20-F, Bond and Equity Prospectuses, Fund Reports, Initial Public Offerings, Annual Reports, Foreign Registration Filings, SEC EDGAR Filings, Bankruptcies, Monthly Statements and Marketing Material.

Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences Practice Group surpasses the world’s localization firms by 90 percent. That should give you a hint of the seriousness that we accord to life sciences. At AcademicTranslationServices, we have hundreds of dedicated and certified French linguists with sufficient grounding in medical and scientific specialization to carry out French Translation Services.

We render our services to all the life science enterprises that include biotechnology, medical services, healthcare marketers, Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, IVR companies, CROs, payers and providers. Our team is well experienced by handling various types of life science documents including French patient surveys, French clinical trial questionnaires, French Protocols, French CRFs, French product databases and French IFUs plus many others.


Our team boasts of versatility when it comes to industrial and manufacturing enterprises. We have experts solely dedicated to handling manufacturing clients for stellar quality French translation services as well as the relevant business services. To ensure that the respective team serving you, we have invested in extra training of our project management and translation team. The result has been a dynamic team with the capacity to handle manufacturing related subjects and technical terminology with temerity.

Other services in this section French consecutive interpretation, diversity and inclusivity consulting, French transcription, French graphic services and typesetting, French simultaneous interpretation, French staffing solutions amongst others.


AcademicTranslationServices’ Retail & Consumer Products Practice department is placed in charge of facilitating easy reach of world’s leading businesses and companies to their target multicultural customers. This team has relevant training and knowledge in French retail industry and its related terminology.

Our French translation services range from French multicultural marketing, French document translation, French staffing services, French typesetting and graphics, French website localization, French voiceovers and subtitling, French brand consulting and more.


At AcademicTranslationServices, we collaborate with the world’s top brands in the provision of world-class French translation services related to business and advertising. Our customers have the advantage of having a large team of experts at their disposal.

In the end, we pick only the best talent and assign to a French multilingual or multicultural communications project. Our customized our solutions to ensure that they conform to not just the industry standards but also meet the customer requirements. Some of our solutions include French multicultural marketing, French website localization, French document translation, French voiceovers and subtitling, French transcription, French interpretation and more.


At AcademicTranslationServices, we partner with technology companies in offering them evidence-based end-to-end solutions that adapt their French language projects in readiness for global dissemination and distribution.

Our clients tap from the resourceful team of French translators with extensive knowledge of the complex French translation services sector. Some of our solutions at AcademicTranslationServices include French software localization, French technical writing, French website globalization, French voiceovers and subtitling, French desktop publishing, French language testing, French technology services and many others.


AcademicTranslationServices partners with various government agencies whether local, state or federal in the provision of French interpretation, French staffing, French typesetting and graphics, French transcription, French website localization and many other governmental services.

Thanks to a diversified vertical specialization, we are able to provide end-to-end government managed solutions in areas such as Homeland Security, Agriculture, Energy, Labor, Healthcare, Finance and more. We have stringent privacy and confidentiality policies that safeguard the identity of our customers as well as the received data. These are the few reasons that make us trusted by the world’s leading and most sensitive agencies such as the US Secret Service, Department of Defense as well as the White House.

AcademicTranslationServices is your perfect partner for high end French translation services. We have a proven track record of excellence and we guarantee that success is sure to come your way should you choose to work with us today. Our sales team is on standby to hear from you and clarify any issues not yet clear to you. Connect with us today as we are the most preferred and reliable client service in French translation services.

Embracing French in America: A Gateway to Enhanced Communication and Cultural Exchange

The French language, with its deep historical roots in the United States, continues to be a significant part of the country's linguistic landscape. Notable years in U.S.-French linguistic history include 1803, the year of the Louisiana Purchase, and 1821, marking the establishment of the first French-language newspaper in America. As of the latest report in 2020, there are approximately 1.2 million French speakers in the United States, accounting for around 0.36% of the population. The demographics of these speakers vary widely, including 52% female and 48% male, with a substantial portion being young adults aged 18-34, representing about 40% of the French-speaking population. This linguistic diversity impacts various sectors, including education, tourism, international business, and diplomatic relations, highlighting the extensive need for French translation services across industries.

The importance of French translation services in the United States cannot be overstated. Catering to both professional and personal needs, these services facilitate seamless communication for businesses, expatriates, tourists, and scholars, among others. In the professional sphere, French translation bridges the gap in international trade, legal matters, and cultural exchanges, thereby fostering stronger ties between the U.S. and French-speaking countries. On a personal level, it enhances the experience of French-speaking immigrants and travelers by providing access to essential services and enriching cultural understanding. Ultimately, French translation services stand as a testament to the United States' commitment to embracing linguistic diversity, promoting inclusivity, and enhancing global connectivity.

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