Language plays a vital role in the field of education and can even affect its quality. However, language should not be a barrier, hindering access to education. For instance, a child with limited proficiency in a language also deserves an equal right for education. Therefore, it’s a prerequisite for any educational institution to partner with a professional academic translation service provider that can assure accuracy and 100% human-powered translation. School translation services primarily aid in the academic progress of the children by ensuring effective communication. 

Certain intricacies found in the language system make translation more complicated. Especially when it comes to education, minor distinctions such as slang, creole, jargon, colloquial style, etc. can alter an entire concept. So if the native language of the student differs from the one followed by the educational institution, then his/her understanding is distorted. To avoid such scenarios it is always advisable to work with a qualified translation service provider. Only such agencies will have in-house translators who are also subject-matter experts to confirm the highest level of accuracy.

Added Benefits of School Translation Services

The main goal of translation services in the educational system is to ensure that the students can comprehend the concepts shared with them. Below shared are a few points on how translation services can be beneficial not just to the student community but also to the parents.

  • Better understanding and academic progress: School translation services assist non-native English students to communicate effectively and hence help in boosting their self-confidence. At times real-time translation is required, as the students should know what is being taught and the teachers should comprehend the queries raised by their students.
  • Active involvement of non-English speaking parents: Often a non-English speaking parent is not aware about the curriculum details and is left helpless due to their language inefficiency. With the help of academic translation services, they can interact and be a part of their children’s education. 
  • Cross-cultural communication: Translation services are a boon to academic institutions as they can accommodate more non-native students without compromising the quality of education. A professional certified translation agency can help students overcome the cultural boundaries and feel at ease in their academic environment.

Common Scenarios When A College Student Requires A Translator

The percentage of non-English speaking students enrolling for higher studies has been steadily increasing. Being home to 1.1 million foreign students, the United States has turned out to be a good example of this escalation in the number of international students. If you are one among them, then you definitely need the support of professional translation services that can navigate you through the details of the college. Now let’s have a look at some of the common scenarios where you would require the assistance of a translation service provider. 

  • High school transcript translation services: When you apply to a foreign university, you would need to submit your high school transcript. If the language in which the certificate issued is different from the one used in the target country, you would require the help of a certified translation agency that supports the official transcript translation service. 
  • Translation of grades: A majority of the foreign universities follow the grading system as part of their evaluation process. However, what if you get a job in a country where the grading system is invalid. All you have to do is to approach a qualified translator who can translate your grades to the target language.
  • Translation of personal and official documents: When you are in a foreign university, throughout the course of the study, you may be asked to present your translated personal documents. Additionally, it can be used to extend your visa or even apply for a job.

Terminologies Matter: High School Diploma Or Transcript

The education system in each country differs and hence the related terminologies. School transcripts are the academic documents that record a list of subjects and the grades obtained. Whereas, in some countries, transcripts also details the students’ accomplishments and behavior along with grades. Thereby, your transcript must be translated to the target language without changing the data and context. It should also abide by the education system of the country that you have applied for. School transcripts are also known as school diploma or academic records. Students who wish to study abroad need high school diploma translation services or transcript translation services as a primary step for the admission. 

Why Online Academic Translation Tool/Software Don’t Work

Academic documents hold confidential data and hence must be handled with utmost care. Even a slight change in a single digit can amend the result of your document. Bound with all such complications it is not safe to depend on a mere software tool to translate your academic document. Online translation tools cannot translate complex phrases and often get confused with the cultural nuances and other language intricacies. This indeed leaves room for errors and an inaccurate translation, in turn, costs you more complications! 

Having stated all these cons of an online translation, what more reason you need to collaborate with a professional human-generated translation company. With the presence of thousands of translation companies, choosing the right academic translation agency is yet another daunting task. You can depend on any standard internet browser to search for the best translation agencies near your location. Most importantly, don’t ever forget to check some of the selling factors such as acceptance rate, customer reviews, turnaround time, translation cost, etc.

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