The Difference Between Resume And CV Translation

Are you planning to hire curriculum vitae translation services for uploading it on your job portal or to submit at your university? Then it is imperative to understand the basic difference between translating a CV and the translation process of a resume.

CV or curriculum vitae is a long (detailed) report that covers every important aspect of your academic, professional and personal details. It usually comprises of your total work experience, achievements, scholarships won, course works and research works and additional projects if any. On the other hand, a resume is a formal document, much concise and usually shorter than a CV. When translated in French, the word “résumé” means a summary or an abstract. The geographical difference between the British and Americans is that, CV is used in the former and resumes in several regions of America. 

Your requirements when translating a CV or resume must be clearly stated to the concerned agency. This is because professional CV translation services follow certain guidelines that might be different from processing a personal resume. A perfectly translated CV has a higher chance of getting selected for the next round of your job interview when presented to an HR or will make your passport and other visa-related processes easier for your foreign education! 

4 Golden Rules To Follow Before Hiring CV Translation Services

In addition to stating your needs and deeds clearly, as a professional or a student, it is your responsibility to follow certain guidelines, in order to ease the process for a CV translation agent. Keep in mind that your CV…

  • Must be legible, concise and neatly formatted (Arial, Times New Roman are recommended fonts)
  • Should be consistent with the layout of your entire CV (4 sides with 1-inch margin)
  • Does not have any gimmicky images and graphics (white space is a must)
  • Is completely relevant and matching your personal resume (long-form of your resume)

Plus, avoid adding photographs (even professional ones) unless specifically requested by your concern party! A brief and clear CV can even reduce the extra charges paid for translating a CV with poor quality documentation and illegible formatting.

Say No To Automated Curriculum Translation Services

Machine learning is a process that is followed by many free CV translating tools and software online. This is a technology that demands better development in terms of accuracy, quality and correctness. Relying upon a tool system like this for translating your curriculum vitae is not advisable since mistranslation is the probable result. Adding to this, automated tools cannot understand dialects, language accents and other brand names mentioned in your CV as clearly as a human translator does. Also, machines cannot differentiate between a resume and a CV translation and might handle it inappropriately. 

Ideally, get your CV translated from a reputed online service provider, so that one can feel relaxed about the outcome of the translation – premium quality and high precision. In addition, many standardized agencies also offer a ‘Certificate of Translation’ to prove the authenticity and correctness in the translation process.

Regardless of whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced business professional, getting your CV translation with satisfactory results is quite challenging, unless you find the right kind of brand and expert!

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